Young Adult and Children’s Services at UCLA

Reach Out and Read October 5, 2008

Save the date!  November 18th will be the orientation for RORA, or Reach Out and Read Aloud, a joint program between the IS department (namely YACS) and UCLA Pediatrics.  Basically, what we do is go every other week for one hour to read to the kids in the waiting room of the Pediatrics Center while theyʻre waiting for their appointments, or their brothers and sisters.  Itʻs a great experience, and you get to meet all kinds of families and children.

The time has yet to be determined for the orientation, but it will either be from 10-11 or 11-12 at the UCLA Medical Center.  Weʻll arrange to meet 30 min before the orientation begins at the IS building so that we can all go together since the medical center can be a little confusing.

also some great news – Dr. Walter will be back from Croatia a few days before and has been kind enough to do storytime examples for our orientation!  Weʻll have to give her a HUGE thank you since iʻm pretty sure sheʻll still be pretty jet-lagged.

If you need more information or are interested in attending the orientation, please email me at: since we need a headcount before we get there.



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